Sales representative

MiniCRM is an online cloud-based software which provides solution to successful Romanian and international companies. We help businesses to collect all their online/offline prospects in one place, to finetune their sales processes, to maximise the efficiency of their customer management and we teach them how to reduce administrative burden by automating most of their processes.

Having more than 1430 active customers is an outstanding achievement for a start up on the market, but we do not plan to stop there!

Our goal is to meet with our next potential core member of the MiniCRM family and hire him/her!

Our mission: We make innovative, well-designed products that empower businesses to serve more customers.

Our vision: CRM in every business.

We have no intention to hire a person who is just looking for another random job.

What you’ll do

Help our prospects. Be the guidance for business owners, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers who decided to get to know how MiniCRM can help them. Help them in making a wise decision regarding the implementation of MiniCRM.

Identify business problems. Your task will be to identify the business problems and challenges of the incoming prospects, who started a free trial, by using various methodologies and questioning techniques so you can present the best solution for them.

Sales and consultation. Following the identification of the business problems and goals, you will use online screen sharing to present the solution in MiniCRM that will help customers become more effective, successful and outstanding on the market. Besides selling the system, we also give them advice on how to operate better and make more profit.

Cooperate with the other teams. Sales play a central role in the organization so the team has to work closely together with other teams. That’s why it is highly important to maintain a good relationship with the customer success team (who implement the systems you have sold), with the market response team (who qualify the prospects and pass them on to sales) and with the product team (who develop the system and is happy to hear every feedback).

Administrate. You will neither use a pile of papers and post-its nor Excel sheets. We use a united and easy-to-access customer relationship management solution that is called MiniCRM. :) After less than a month, you will be wondering why have you done it otherwise so far.

Keep up with technology. Day after day, our seasoned developers are creating more and more innovative features in our system so getting along with the new functionalities is a daily activity for everyone in the company.

Things you won’t do!

  • Grind through purchased company lists in Excel to cold call
  • Write weekly reports on late Friday nights
  • Nervously trying to remember whether you have followed up every price offer

Ideal candidate

Passionate. No matter what you choose to do or need to do, be passionate about it! Nothing is as important as passion. Everything else is learnable.

Having the right mindset. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, you consider it as a challenge. When you meet with problems, you aim for finding solutions.

Persistent, resourceful and prudent. This job needs efficiency which will be achieved if you are hard working, you keep focus and being sloppy is not an option for you.

Confident. No, not egotistic. :) More like a person who believes in himself, who enters each conversation with a “can-do” attitude to have the job done.

Having a drive for results and learning. Honestly consider what was done well and what efforts still have room for improvement. Instead of excuses, take responsibility for your actions. Be open to new ideas and have a thirst for knowledge.

Having great language knowledge: If you got this far and understood everything, then your English knowledge will suffice, however, your Romanian will play an even bigger part in your communication.

Has some experience in online/telephone sales. This position could be perfect for you if you have at least 1-3 years of experience in online/telephone sales. However, if you have more than 8-10 years of experience in sales, probably this position won't be a great challenge for you

What we provide

  • High ethical standards: we promote values like integrity, honesty, positivity, self-awareness and leading by example
  • Inspiring work environment: we like to surround ourselves with successful young people.
  • Opportunity for professional growth: continuous internal training, implementing new techniques, seeking new challenges
  • Individual ideas are heard
  • We acknowledge and praise achievements
  • Chance to create value on the market
  • Full-­time job (8 working hours)
  • Fix monthly payment + commission based payment
  • Dog-friendly environment
  • Monday is fruit day in the office! :)

Job location

400071 Cluj-Napoca, str. Tache Ionescu nr. 51B.


by sending your CV and a short introduction to the following email address: