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We have been working for 10 years to help our customers in building businesses that are successful in the long-term. Today more than 1654 companies are using our product daily and our team will consist of 60 members soon. Our mission is to make innovative, well designed products that empower businesses to serve more customers. Our core values are the following: constant improvement, honesty, openness, self-awareness, being fair.

MiniCRM system is a cloud based system, which provides business process solutions to Romanian, Hungarian and foreign companies. We are offering them our support in gathering in one system their new online/offline prospects, in improving their sales process, reducing the number of daily administrative tasks by automated task delegation and improving the customer support experience.

We consider it essential to bring in Romanian leads who really need a CRM system and would really utilize the opportunities MiniCRM can offer. The responsibility of our Marketing department is to make sure that we are targeting and bringing in qualified leads and prospects who really need our product and will become our clients. So we are looking for an Online marketing associate in Romania, who will complete our marketing team. If you would like to join our cause and help us in finding the indeed qualified prospects through your original marketing contents, apply now!

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What would be your tasks as an Online marketing associate?

Marketing strategy implementation. You need to implement the discussed marketing strategy but you are free to create your original marketing contents accordingly.
Facebook ads creation. Creating and writing FB ads based on our marketing strategy and bringing in qualified leads and prospects.
Landing page content creation. Writing and updating the content of landing pages.
Email campaigns. Creating new email campaigns based on the discussed marketing strategy.
Measure campaign results. Testing and measuring different approaches, campaigns and marketing strategies. Based on the result, recommending updates and changes in our campaigns and marketing communication.
Creating marketing materials. Writing and creating valuable guides and contents related to CRM systems and approaching topics related to company management.
Interviewing Romanian customers. Our contents reach their goals only if we understand what are the problems our customers want to solve, what are their concerns and the benefits of using MiniCRM. We will be more credible if we include their answers into our marketing communication.

Core skills which is needed for this position

Languages skills. It is mandatory to have an excellent command of Romanian (written and spoken), because you will be in charge of creating valuable business contents in Romanian.
As you may already know, we are an international team, so you will need good command of English also for meetings and internal communication. Understanding English is not enough, unfortunately.

Perfect spelling and grammar. Creating and writing online marketing contents in a clear, correct and accessible way.
You are familiar with online marketing. You already have some experience in IT - business services - consulting, in sales or marketing in companies from the SME sector.
Romanian market knowledge. It is important to us to be familiar with different marketing related topics and to have relevant knowledge about the Romanian market.
Result-oriented. You are result-oriented in your work and you heard about the ROI.
Adapt quickly. The tasks of the marketing team are changing week by week, so it is important to be able to adapt quickly. We constantly measure the results of our campaigns and we change them immediately, if needed.
Not afraid of challenges. We are testing, measuring, experimenting new approaches week by week.
Self-learner. You are capable of and enjoy learning new things on your own. If we would ask you what was the last marketing related article you have read, you would answer before hearing the question. :)

Nice to have:

Facebook Blueprint Certification or/and Google Ads Certification
We are glad if you know Hungarian, but it is not mandatory.

What can you expect from MiniCRM?

Opportunity to improve. Besides learning from each other, you can also borrow a book/ebook from our library and one part of our budget is spent on training. For example, right now the marketing team is improving their skills regarding Facebook through the Facebook specialization project, which means that at the end of this learning journey each team member will be specialized in some aspect of Facebook Marketing.
Great environment. We are working with quality tools (e.g. Macbook). We also pay attention to our health: we have a fruit day every week. If you own a dog, you can bring them with you every day, if you don’t own one, you can pet your colleague’s dog. :)
We acknowledge and celebrate outstanding results and performance. We don’t mind if we often need to pop a champagne. ;)
We care about your opinion. We appreciate your ideas and initiatives, and our HR team is dealing with the colleagues’ feedback week by week. We will also deal with your feedback.
Security. A product in which you can believe. We have been doing this for 10 years, and our customer base is growing continually, it won’t end anytime soon.
Cheerful, open team. Even during this home office period, we are trying to spend some time together: online games, talks after working hours etc.
Flexibility. The electrician is going to visit you or your new couch will be delivered? Let us know, we will discuss it and you can work from home that day.
The office is in a building that was intended to be a luxury house. When the weather is good, you can even work in the garden.
Because of the COVID situation, home office is the recommended way of work until the end of the year.


Check out our website and our product! If you like what you see, send us your resume.

Besides your CV, please send us a marketing material created by you (landing page content, ad, newsletter etc.) as a reference. If you want to send us your work via link, please insert it in the “Portfolio” field of the form and if you would like to send us an attachment, you can send it directly on the email address of the Recruiter.

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